Organisers’ Tools and Roles

We're Jamming: Help Desk, tool. Picture by GSJ HQ.

Tool: Help Desk

How does it work
: set up a help desk that is manned all time long during the ‘concentrated working phases’—not during breaks or gathering periods—with a mentor or organizer who can help with any kind of questions.

Needs: the staff at the help desk might be able to give advice on design tools for teams in trouble—or they should know where to find advice and materials. They should also know basic information about the time schedule and be able to help on technical questions.

Why: for Jammers it makes it much easier to ask for help if they know that there is a place where they can get help all the time.

if you are hosting a Jam with more than twenty people, a Help Desk can make a big difference for Jammers.

Tool: Be Everybody

How does it work: the team simulates the customer or user journey, playing all the roles.

Needed: whatever you have. Fun costumes and wigs help keep it fun.

why: to visualise and oxygenate the ideas, to keep things moving.

when: during customer journey creation—or whenever things get too verbal.

You want to share grease’n ease tools for organisers, hosts and facilitators… share them please!

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