Guidance and Grease

A comfortable atmosphere is relaxing, inspiring and fun! The more fun you have, the easier it is to interact and co–create —and the better the outcome!

Start your Jam…

With some good Warm–ups, to mix people, get them laughing, and separate the Jam from whatever came before. Use warm–ups again whenever needed—certainly at the start of each day.

We’ve a whole appendix on these important tools—check it out!

Keep the flow…

Information makes your Jammers feel confident, so you might provide tips for check–in, the journey, accommodation, beverage/food supply, and rough schedule of the weekend and time–lines, expected highlights…

At the start of the Jam, you could ask participants what inspired them to come to find out their expectations and to be able to incorporate them. This is a spark of your Jam–ignition. Can they share an example, a focus, a theme or, a case–study that can be inspiring?

Try the tools offered here and keep them visible and tangible to the Jammers. Be a listener to find out how the team could be supported.

Dividing a big process into smaller pieces—with deadlines—keeps them moving. You might ask groups for superquick presentations every two or three hours. It’s one way to keep the speed and excitement. Short deadlines also help to keep all groups at the same stage, and impossible time slots make them keep things rough and flexible at the start. You might give guidance and reminders for the final presentation. Groups like to enrich the details—specially when they are in love; which is great… —but is very important to save time and prepare the project for many possible outcomes—website upload, presentation, post jam possibilities, …

Remember, the prototype is more important than the presentation!

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