The Secret of the Jam

If you read nothing else… READ THIS!

The Secret of the Jam: Doing Not Talking. Picture by @kirstyjoan.

The killers of the Jam are selfish agendas and too much talking.

A Jam can be destroyed by someone who is unwilling to try new ways, and thinks they know best, or by someone with an inflexible agenda of what they want to do. So encourage Jammers to always build on other Jammers’ ideas—not push their own ideas forwards at all costs.

A Jam can be destroyed by spending too much time on talk, talk, talking—especially when looking for the original idea. Stop talking and start doing—that’s the best way to decide, anyway. What you Jam on is not so important, it is how you Jam that matters.

The secret of the Jam is to keep it fun, and keep it moving…

The Secret of the Jam: keep it moving, and keep it fun! Picture by GSJ HQ.

If a great project or design comes out of it—wonderful! If not, no worries! Making a great project is only one of many reasons for being here.

It’s a Jam, like in music. You didn’t come here to record an album, you came here to challenge yourself, to learn new things, discover new collaborators and make something you could never have made alone. In many ways, the purpose of the Jam is the Jam.

The Jam is a voluntary creative weekend. We get more done, and we do better work, when we are enjoying ourselves. So laugh out loud, while you work super—hard. Have fun! And if you are not having fun, change something!

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