Finding a Location

It’s good to think about locations early on, but you might want to wait before you commit. At first, you might not be sure how big your Jam will grow—try to get a few options of different sized venues, and commit when it feels right. From the FAQ…

  • A Jam needs a physical location, organised by the host, where the Jam takes place. It might be an office, university, sports hall, apartment, boat, tent or taxicab.
  • It will need enough space to host the Jam, sufficient heat, light, power, connectivity, some physical comforts and toilets.
  • It would be good if food were available nearby—from a supermarket, restaurant or pizza guy, or even organised by the host.
  • It will need to be accessible (or partly accessible) for the whole 48 hoursthe Jam is a global event, and the buzz goes round the clock.
  • If you want to encourage Jammers to make prototypes of physical things, you might want to have part of the space where they can make a mess, play with glue, use a hammer…

Note 48 hours: If you cannot find a Jam location that is open around the clock, don’t panic—this will not disqualify your Jam. However, experience shows that a 24–hour–open location is preferable, especially for larger Jams.

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