Finding a Local Team

It’s possible for one person to organise a Jam—especially a small one, but it’s more fun and less work if you have help. Ask your friends and colleagues to join you, or ask around at local scenes who might be interested—design groups, innovation groups, bar camps, Fablabs, colleges, coworking spaces…

Tweet about your plans using relevant hashtags like #servicedesign, #designthinking, #cx, #custexp, #design, #innovation, #maker, #hack, #barcamp, … and of course always use the Jam hashtag #GSJ13 —which, e.g. stands for ‘Global Service Jam 2013’—or hashtag your town’s name. Say, you are looking for help.

One of the best ways to find people to help you, is to get your name up on the Global Jam web site. So don’t wait! Contact us and we will put you online today.

It might be a good idea to organise different roles within your team, like location contact, money boss (if you use any money), expert liaison officer (if you have experts), web mistress, publicity master, materials ninja, recruitment fairy, technical wizard, and so forth… of course, the number and description of the roles will depend on how you organise your Jam, and how big it is.

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