How to Interact with Other Jams

Jammers love to feel part of a global event, but they also get very busy and forget to follow the news… one excellent way to keep in touch is to have a screen showing news of the Global Jam—like a Twitter wall showing search results with the actual Global Jam hashtag.

But remember to contribute to it too—encourage your Jammers to tweet or post news, and make sure that your local Twitter account is posting your Jam’s discoveries progress. Feel free to contact other Jams or Global HQ to ask for help or give ideas. Note: you will probably want a second screen for other projections, presentations and else—or someone who is dedicated to restarting the Twitter wall each time after people have ‘borrowed’ the projector …

If you have the resources—a laptop is enough—you can video stream your Jam to the Global Jam channel. This is a great way to share energy and inspiration.

Gothenburg GSJ11 Jam says:

“We used uStream to contact other locations and to share what we did during the Jam. It didn’t just connect other Jammers to what we did, but also other people that was interested in the Jam but couldn’t be present in Gothenburg.

<  picture by BCN Jam >

In the next jam we want to use it more and connect more handheld devices that we can bring with us wherever we are.”

If you have a Twin Jam, then contact with them is most important. Experience shows it is best to make fixed appointments for linkups during the Jam. If you try to organise it ‘as you go along’, it will not happen.

Your Jammers’ Needs    The Theme Embargo! >


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