Ceremony & Ritual

Ceremonies and rituals can be an important and conscious platform to imprint a Jam with memorable energy and output. It can be FUN at its best. The following selection of ideas represent a collective effort from previous Jam experiences that can greatly improve the possibility for ‘FABulous’ outcomes.

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Picture by Melbourne Jam.

Idea: Yummy Openings

Research, choose and confirm a funky Friday night dinner with a focus on the experience of sharing food together. The menu could fuel and openly display experimentation and discovery. Scheduled breakfasts on both Saturday and Sunday are also strongly recommended.

How does it work: Do the homework up front both on the venue and menu—as well as how the financials work—sponsor paid vs. self-serve paying. You won’t regret these efforts nor the outcomes they produce.

Why: Yummy Openings provide a non–threatening platform for socializing and building trust. Invest in these activities and make them as obvious as they are casual.

When: Friday night. Saturday morning. Sunday Morning.

Idea: Shake Your Rump–pah

Music is the one thing that makes us connect in an instant. Brand your Jam with a single sound that brings Jammers back to the middle between Jamming sessions. Jamming to a funk, soul or rock–n–roll beat is all that much more fun!

How does it work: Create playlists for each day and for between main Jam sessions.

Why: Music during Jamming sessions increases flow, and acceleration, emphasizing that Jamming is a contact sport.

When: All. The. Time. Encourage others to share playlists of songs as a part of their prototypes build or presentation. Noises such as rubber chicken squeaks, gongs or bells will remind people throughout the 48 hours to ‘Play Seriously’.

Idea: Spontaneous Combustions

These are special sessions which should appear spontaneous—but the framework needs to be pre–jammed—where two Jam–Hosts showcase a tool, like Bodystorming or Co–creation. They don’t lecture about it, they show how it has to be done—to emphasize a key Jam philosophy of ‘Doing, Not Talking’.

How Does it Work: These warm–up sessions could combine hosts’ combined background, passion and add a local reference–point—historical, location–based or unknown local trivia.

Why: ‘First Impressions’ are everything. And leading by example is the most effective way to quickly convince people of a common sense of urgency.

When: Spontaneous Combustions should be coordinated for the beginning, middle and end of your Jam.

You want to share your own successful ‘spiritual’ rituals… share them please!

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