Who are Your Jammers?

Think about the people attending your Jam. Who will they be? What will they expect? What will they hope for, need, want?

One of the best ways to think about your Jammers is to use a service design tool called personas. Here’s a persona of a student Jammer created for the GSJ11 event:

Service Design Tool: Personas, Example 'Betty Johnston, 24'. Picture by GSJ HQ.

You can create a handful of personas to describe typical, fictive, varied Jammers—and perhaps other stakeholders, too. Keep asking yourself if your personas will like your ideas and plans. If the answer is yes, you can be pretty sure the real people will like them too.

Use your personas to guide your decisions. They can help you choose a good location, decide on a price for the event, plan how to publicise, think what supporting activities to offer and, decide how much structure to give your event.

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