Use the Power of the Crowd

Twitter, Facebook, local blogs, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, … —all these channels help Jammers create a buzz for their local Jams and the Global Jam, and these channels help to stay in touch during the Jam.

Twitter is the most useful channel for Jam organisers and participants. We suggest you join up and try it out. Even if you don’t want a personal account, start an account for your Jam. Several of you can use it jointly to follow—and add to—the buzz. You can always close it when the Jam is over.

You can use social media to find participants, give them a feeling of co–ownership by asking them for advice and try to attract them to a local Jam web site where they can find out more. Remember, social media is a conversation, not a transmission. Engage in dialogue, be useful, and be human—don’t just shout to the world.

To keep the global conversation going, always use the official tag in your social media—that way, people can search and find what you write. 
The common Twitter hashtags are always #GSJxx, #GSusJxx or #GGovJam, where ‘xx’ is the year of the event—for example #GSJ11, #GSusJ12, #GGovJ13, #GSusJ13 … on Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube and else, you can leave off the ‘#’ sign.

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