Old School Publicity, Still Charming!

Flyers, posters leaflets, gadgets—old school publicity still has its charms—and all these can be very useful. Everything you used in high school to promote your first party still works, just keep your carbon footprint in mind and consider placing a handful posters in strategic areas like universities or co–working places.

You could use these pre–made graphics, if you like! (download part 1, part 2) —they are made by Adrian Paulsen, and huge thanks to Adrian, Jammers can use them for Jam materials free of charge!

Here are examples of very professional advertising materials made by the Antwerp and London GSJ11 Jams. A small “kitchen table” Jam might not make—or need—such impressive materials.

Promoting Your Jam: Examples from Jams in London and Antwerp 2011. Picture by GSJ HQ.

You can give your Jam a personal touch by using a recognizable logo and colors. Local jams can have fun making their own versions of the Global Logo. Thanks to Jase Cooper for the original GSJ jam jar design, and to Noemia Guarda for the GSusJ’s globes!

Promoting Your Jam: Logo–Examples from Jams world–wide, GSusJ11, GSJ11 and GSJ12, Poster GSJ12 by Saleh Amini, Tehran Jam. Picture by GSJ HQ.

You are free to use the Global Logo, or make your own version. If you like, download the basic logo in various formats from the Organiser’s Basecamp, and continue…

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