Decision Time: A Twin Jam?

It’s great to feel part of a Global event, but it’s hard to keep track of fifty or a hundred other Jams worldwide while you are busy jamming … the solution might be a Twin Jam—one partner Jam with whom you are in especially tight contact.

You might help each other before and during the Jam, share advice, share mentors, and even—this is the best bit—give more detailed feedback on each other’s results at the end.

< image >

Melbourne Jammers enjoying a video link with their Twin Jam. Picture by leilam.

You’d still be in contact with all Jams, of course, but you’d have ‘one special friend’—your Twin Jam. If you’d like a Twin Jam, talk to Global or check out the Twinning thread at the Organisers’ Basecamp!

< text about agreeing on twin jamming before the actual Jam weekend >

Prizes And Winners?    During the Jam… >


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