Planning the Weekend

Imagine the Jammer’s entire visit, from the moment they leave home, to the moment they come home again.

Think of all the things they will do and need—and if you need to help. For example, you might not provide transport to the location, but they will need to know how to get there… you might choose not to provide materials, but they will need to know what to bring… this handbook—including the During the Jam…–Chapter—will give you more ideas.

This particular service design technique is called a Customer Journey, and here’s an example graphical representation—’map’—of a customer journey for the Global Service Jam 2011 prepared by the London group.

Service Design Tool: Customer Journey, Example 'The Jam Weekend'. Picture by GSJ HQ.

Get the larger original file (download).

Well, now it’s decision time: do the Jammers pay? How much structure do we need? Prizes and winners? A Twin Jam?

< How to Ask    Decision Time: Do The Jammers Pay? >


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