What to Offer in Return

When applying and asking for partnership and sponsoring—what to offer in return… of course, this is always a matter for negotiation, but it helps to have some idea beforehand what you can offer. Here are some examples from the GSJ11 location in Antwerp, Belgium.

Believer Sponsor Pack = supporter

  • Logo on the partnerships–page of the web site
  • Direct link behind your logo
  • Logo on partnerships–wall during the event

Co–Creator Sponsor Pack = for 1000 Euro, official partner

  • All contents of Believer Sponsor Pack included
  • Logo in the footer of the web site + detailed traffic report of this link
  • A blog post dedicated to the sponsor on the local Jam web site
  • Social media announcements—via the Jam’s own Twitter + Facebook channels—if done well, … ‘world–wide’ audience for the sponsor
  • Presentation option during the Jam event weekend—a sponsor keynote, workshop, …
  • Service scan—local Jam organisers apply their expertise to the sponsor’s business 

Put yourself in the shoes of the potential sponsor—and you’ll catch what to offer in return.

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