Before the Jam…

When organising a Jam you need never be alone… think about your stakeholders, especially, who are your Jammers?

Everything you used in high school to promote your first party can still work promoting your Jam—flyers, posters, leaflets, gadgets… advertise as you can—use the power of the crowd: tweet, poke, use any social media. Have a web presence—pretty useful, even for a very small Jam.

Official press releases have helped some jams spread the news into the world of print and online—use the (traditional) media. Yes, old school publicity still has its charms… create an own logo version of your Jam!

Many Jams find it helpful to have sponsors on board… partnerships, sponsors can help keep costs down and open new possibilities—n the other hand, some Jams do well without any sponsors.

Well, it’s time planning the weekend… it’s decision time: do the Jammers pay? How much structure do you need? Will there be any prizes and winners? Already now looking for a Twin Jam?

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