Appendix 4: Making Waves

How to promote further, how to make waves…

1. Share big success stories

Jam successes are about much more than just the prototypes. Jams create collaborations, individual learning and promote a different approach to working. Here are some tips you can give your jammers to help them take things further.

  • Jam projects that become real —what do the Jammers do with their prototype when the Jam is finished? There are many ways they can take it forward, from talking to potential funders to looking for other events and incubators. First of all, suggest that they talk to the Jam sponsors and partners. They might be able to help with the next steps. If not, just remember that they don’t always need funding to develop a business idea. How can they start to make it real? Can they launch the service, get customers and build it with just their own ideas and effort?
  • Collaborations that continue after the Jam —Jams bring people together. Even if they don’t want to keep working on their prototype they will probably find that they want to keep working with the people they’ve met. Encourage them to get together again. They could take their common interests and use the tools they’ve learned to make something new. Think about creating a meetup where the Jam spirit can live on.
  • Spreading of methodology in the environment —the Jam is a great learning experience and the tools, ideas and approaches are free to use. Using your experience of the Jam, put together a simple toolkit that Jammers can apply to their own work. Send it to them a week after the Jam and keep them inspired. Who knows where it will take them. Perhaps they will want to learn more. They may even host a Jam next time.

2. Exhibit with an idea market

The Global Jam community has an incredible range of skills, experience and contacts. This is a great asset that can help to take prototypes to new levels. Support your Jammers to look at all the amazing work on The Planet Jam and find projects they can offer something to or people that could help them with their own ideas. Here are two ideas for keeping the momentum.

  • Hold an exhibition of the results of the Jam —can you plan an event a week or month after the Jam where ideas get shown off to a wider audience. Share what you’re doing with the Global Community and as well your local contacts and find new connections to build upon your projects.
  • Start an interest group —gather Jammers around the theme behind your prototype and draw new people to what’s done.

3. Invite influencers

  • Sponsors that have an impact on sustainability, gov, whatever, …
  • Get the influential people involved all the way through the Jam,
  • Invite well connected people,
  • Get them to present and talk about their work.

4. Talk to the media

Well, as mentioned,  … don’t forget to use and talk to the (traditional) media!


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