Appendix 2: Business Model Canvas

If you use the Business Model Canvasor even if you don’t—you might find this overview of a Jam useful. By the way, the Business Model Canvas would be a great tool to use in your Jam…

Example Business Model Canvas 'A Jam'; G–Sus Jam GBG.

  • Customer segments—Who is your Jam targeted towards?
  • Customer relationships—How do you want to interact with your jammers? Shared ownership, facilitating, free training, masterclass, …
  • Channels—How to reach your audience?
  • Key partners, partnerships—Who can help you organize your local Jam? + Who wants to be associated with the Global and local Jam? Sponsors, local contributers, location, companies, …
  • Key activities—What are your activities during a jam? What does the local host provide for the jammers? Food, speakers, mentoring, …
  • Key resources—What does the local host provide? Material, location, knowledge, experience, …
  • Value Propositions—What value do you offer to your stakeholders? Jammers, local community, …
  • Costs, cost structure—What does it cost to organize a jam? Time & Money…
  • Revenues, revenue streams—What will you get out of a jam? 
  • Social and environmental cost vs. social and environmental benefits

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