Meet Your Jam Community

The materials on this site has been created and compiled by Jam community to help each other to create more awesome in this (jamming) world. But where do you meet this community?

But being a host is not about reading manuals. It is about co–creating and collaborating with your local people as well as with the Global Community of Jam Hosts to bring the Jam to your town or location.

Online community: To organize this global community we use the project management platform Basecamp. It’s where we coordinate the Jams. It’s where you will find all information regarding the next jam. It’s where you can communicate with Global HQ as well as your fellow jam hosts.

How do I join? All active hosts are required to be on the Basecamp. If you signed up to be a jam host, you should already have been invited. If not, please check below how to join.

Screenshot Host Community

All Jams are organized through the project management platform Basecamp. Host have to be part of this. It’s how we run things.

Hey, I cannot access the organizer’s Basecamp. What do I need to do?

Please read the section Host a Jam on and then drop us a line that you would like to host a Jam in your city and we will come back to you directly:


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