Circuit Breakers


How they work… circuit breakers are used to disrupt no–fun situations. A circuit breaker can be any number of things, such as:

  • A fun interlude or distraction.
  • Facilitated resolution—have the Jam Doctor or another jammer mediate a resolution. Who can be an expert to solve a question/ problem a team works on?
  • Role reversal/ mirroring—get each person to present the other persons point of view.
  • Third party critiques—have other jammers offer appraisals, advice or make a decision.
  • Tools like the Nudge Cards on the Organiser’s Basecamp platform.
  • Props such as wigs, funny hats or rubber chickens can lighten the mood and remind Jammers that we are here to Jam…
  • Jam Roulette—swap a problem person out of their group and into another to see if their behaviour improves.
  • Changing the environment/ rotating facilities, even just a few minutes of fresh air or offering a playful ‘hands on activity’ in between can help getting different perspectives on something.
  • Encourage the team to stop talking and start doing. They should leave the verbal channel and find a way to solve differences by doing—either by testing ideas, or finding a playful way to decide.
  • Ask about the ‘+’ and ‘–’ of ideas to find out where the thoughts lead to.
  • Find the 3 best aspects on what you last worked on to carry on.
  • A red card—if all else fails, you should ask the problem person to leave the jam. Ask for positive achievements the teams already made.

When: make sure circuit breakers are used when the incident is occurring. Delayed responses can seem out of context and confusing for everyone.



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